New Jersey License Number CLIC# 0016619 Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Systems, Irrigation System, Garden Sprinkler, Irrigation Systems.

  Installation of Irrigation Systems  
The key to contracting a qualified Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Contractor is licensing. Yes, anyone can dig a hole, lay pipe and connect it to a water source. However, it takes a licensed Irrigation contractor to ensure that everything that works well on day one will still be doing so six months or years later. Lawn Sprinkler Systems is our Business.
  Professional Installation  
When installing your Lawn Sprinkler System, we insist on using the highest quality, professional grade irrigation products available. Whenever possible, we use a vibratory plow for "trenchless" pipe installation. Because vibratory plows do not excavate the soil, they are less destructive than standard trenchers on established turf. The existing sod heals quickly and, after a few days, there is little evidence that we were ever there.
A&C Sprinkler LLC employs a fully staffed and equipped service department offering maintenance and repairs on all types of lawn sprinkler systems for nearly every brand of sprinkler and drip irrigation system. Call or click today for all your lawn sprinkler system needs.

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