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Eco friendly Designs

Save Water, Save Money and See Better Results

Automatic sprinklers offer convenience and control in protecting your landscape investment. Irrigation systems help you to enjoy your yard, and to keep it healthy and beautiful. However, most homeowners tend to overwater their lawn or waste water through inefficient habits. Adopting water-savvy habits is essential to maintaining and extending your community's water supply, especially during peak use.

The key to efficient outdoor irrigation is applying just enough water and only when necessary. Water-wise habits will result in a healthier lawn and landscape, in addition to conserving water. Plus, reducing your consumption will help reduce your water bill.

Creating an efficient irrigation system requires specialized knowledge and understanding of irrigation design principles and local environmental conditions. Complying with local installation codes is another consideration. Similarly, the best irrigation design won't perform well if the installation is done incorrectly or if inferior components are used. Something as simple as selecting the correct type of pipe can mean the difference between a system that lasts and one that suffers from ongoing repair problems.

Irrigation systems also need regular maintenance to keep them working efficiently year after year. Damage from lawn equipment or from improper winterization can cause leaks and failures.
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  Eco-Friendly Designs  
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